Mazda aspires a goal to become a new and improved premium brand rather than a more mainstream one. To make these dreams a reality, it's critical for them to improve brand loyalty and one-up other premium competitors. While achieving these things won't be a walk in the park, it is very realistic to see Mazda achieving such ambitions in a few short years. 


Mazda believes that brand loyalty is extremely important, especially for smaller companies or brands. Currently, Mazda has a loyalty rate of 39 percent. This number jumped from a smaller 30 percent in 2011. To become a premium brand, Mazda feels strongly that they need to improve their loyalty rates even more, with 50 to 60 percent their target. This goal may be a stretch, but seems very possible with Mazda's exponentially increasing rates. 


In today's market, Mazda seems to compete with Toyota, Honda and Nissan. To overcome these competitors, it is crucial that they execute their products well. Mazda's vehicles are outstanding and undoubtedly have the potential to be the new premium. While Mazda sees their space in a premium market, they are not chasing luxury brands such as Mercedes or Audi. They are ultimately striving to compete with brands such as Acura, Buick and Lexus.

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