SKYACTIV technology helps improve not only fuel efficiency, but overall performance of your Mazda vehicle. The multiple branches of SKYACTIV technology include SKYACTIV G for gasoline powered engines, SKYACTIV D for diesel powered engines, SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS, SKYACTIV chassis, and much more. The body designs are more aerodynamic and light-weight, yet stronger, making the transmissions more effective.  SKYACTIV technologies have improved the economy and performance of endless Mazda models. All of these aspects are to benefit the dynamics and efficiency of Mazda's already outstanding vehicles. 


The engine itself differs in simple areas such as the way air is brought in and fuel is burned. Fuel efficiency is maximized by SKYACTIV engines' compression ratios that are higher than a typical gasoline engine.  Overall better performance is achieved by increasing torque levels and reducing internal friction significantly. SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS' G-Vectoring Control helps obtain a smooth and easy ride by slightly decreasing engine power and transferring torque to the appropriate wheel when entering a turn or corner. The SKYACTIV chassis makes it possible to accomplish smoothness at slower speeds, and swiftness at faster speeds, both with a light-weight feel.



Direct multi-hole gas injection, shortened combustion duration, dual variable-valve timing, delayed ignition during startup, and newly designed pistons are a few of the many additional features of SKYACTIV technology.

SKYACTIV technology makes every drive a memorable one. A Mazda owner's driving experience as a whole is enhanced and improved due to these developments. Young Mazda in South Ogden offers a wide variety of vehicles that include SKYACTIV technology.