Mazda Connect

    Mazda Connect is a brilliant technology that Mazda has been using in their vehicles since 2014. The purpose of this addition was to get useful information to and from the driver while still being able to drive safely and distraction-free. 

Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM)

    To Mazda, driving in a way that is fun yet comfortable for both the driver and the passengers inside the vehicle is considered 'intelligent driving.' This type of driving also results in better fuel efficiency. Mazda installed a technology called within the Mazda Connect system called Intelligent Drive Master, or i-DM, to help Mazda drivers achieve the most intelligent driving possible. This technology assesses the driver's quality and style then reveals the results onto the windshield. Using a series of blue, green and white lights, the driver receives their intelligent driving score. 

  • Blue Light - The driver is driving intelligently. Both the driver and passengers are participating in a comfortable yet thrilling ride. Fuel efficiency is excellent and no energy is wasted. 
  • Green Light - This light signifies mild driving. The driver is being cautious and careful and the passengers are relaxed. While this driving is laid-back, it is also very fuel efficient. 
  • White Light - If this light is on, chances are the driver is driving in a way that is uncomfortable and jerky, causing the passengers' bodies to move an unnecessary amount. This driving is not fuel efficient. 


Additional Features

    A 7-inch touchscreen display, center command controller, voice recognition, and access to apps like Pandora by connecting to your smart phone are just a few of the many other features Mazda's 'Mazda Connect' has to offer. 

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